I first started learning HTML some time around the year 2000. I was working for SBC Services, Inc, which has since become AT&T, and we built a site for their intranet, a place for their Human Resources departments to find guidance and documentation. It was a lot of fun, and HTML took hold of me. Of course, we mostly just had inline styles then, so it was ugly as sin, but boy was I excited when CSS became mainstream!

Since web design wasn't my occupation, I mostly just designed websites for myself and others in my free time. In 2017, however, I decided to jump into web design with both feet. Below are some examples of sites I have built in the past few months while going through the tutorials on Bottega Tech's DevCamp and The Learn Enough Society.

Tech News rk-devcamp-portfolio.herokuapp.com is an example site that could be used as a portfolio site to showcase a developer's talents. I learned a lot from this, and actually created my original portfolio site with this as a template, but ultimately decided to go with Jekyll. Behind the scenes, this site features the ability to drag-and-reorder the items that would appear in the Portfolio. The Tech News section pulls the latest tweets via the Twitter API that are tagged with #rails. Made with Ruby on Rails, CSS/Sass, HTML5, Coffeescript, Javascript.

Overtime App Admin Page rk-overtime.herokuapp.com is a web app that could be used by a company to track employee overtime. If you log in as an employee (test@test.com, asdfasdf), you will see that employees have the ability to either confirm that they did not perform overtime for the week(s) specified, or request approval from their supervisors for overtime performed. Requested overtime appears for admins when they log in (admin@test.com, asdfasdf), where it can then be approved or marked for review. Made with Ruby on Rails, CSS/Sass, HTML5, Coffeescript, AJAX.

Sample App Page If you log into nameless-gorge-57504.herokuapp.com, you will see that it is a Twitter-like app that allows registered users to post short, appropriately-named, microposts, and to follow each other. (Log in using example@railstutorial.org, foobar) Made with Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML5, SQL.