I have been reading a lot about CSS Grid lately, and I have to say I'm excited about it. I started coding back in the year 2000 (well, I actually started with BASIC back in the late 80's, but that's another story), and I remember when layouts were the bane of every coder's existence.

Specifically, I remember how much of a struggle it all was, and searching around to see how other's were facing the issue. One in particular that caught people's attention, including mine, was called "The Holy Grail 3-Column Liquid Layout." It seems so juvenile now, but you may recall that in those days there were also websites just for convincing people to use CSS!

To be sure, "content is king," as they say. People typically go online to find information, but it has become obvious just how important presentation is in making the content palatable. Now that mobile is such a huge portion of the web experience, we have to ensure that our content is palatable in multiple states.

As web developers, it is imperative that we learn the art of presentation, and also that we aren't required to spend all of our time implementing code that meets the needs of the consumer. CSS Grid appears to meet both of those requirements splendidly.

For further information on CSS Grid, Rachel Andrew has a short introductory article with videos, entitled Learning CSS Grid Layout, Per Harald Borgen has a course called Learn CSS Grid for free over at Scrimba.com, and Smashing Magazine has a lengthy and detailed article called Building Production-Ready CSS Grid Layouts Today.

Update: January 4th, 2018

I just came across learncssgrid.com today. It is clear, concise, and sports very helpful graphics! I definitely recommend this one!