Who Am I

A deep question with many answers. In a previous life, I was a pogo-dancing punk rocker with a penchant for poetry. All alliteration aside, I have traveled far, read wide, and lived broad. These days, my attention is focused on coding. Though new to Ruby, I love its versatility and the combination of technicality and creativity necessary to wield it. Rails is useful, but I believe that Ruby itself is an art form–an exercise in deceptive simplicity.


Aside from the standard HTML/CSS combo, which I've been using since 2000, I taught myself PHP in 2015, and in 2017 I attended the Bottega Tech bootcamp for their Full Stack Web Developer certification, and received a full scholarship from The Learn Enough Society. Between the two, I have created websites in several different languages, with a focus on Rails.

These days, my preferred tools are: Ruby, Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, AJAX, PostgreSQL, StimulusJS, TailwindCSS, AWS (ACM, CloudFront, S3), DigitalOcean, Hatchbox, Bitbucket, Sublime Text, Minitest, Chrome Dev Tools, and TailwindUI, although I also have experience using JavaScript, jQuery, Jekyll, Sinatra, MySQL, WordPress, Bootstrap, Heroku, GitHub, PivotalTracker, Slack, Rspec, React, DNS, CloudFlare, and PHP.

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